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Find the best online broker for your specified personal needs with We have spend many hours collecting and comparing data in order for us to make the best online comparison of Stock brokers and CFD brokers. We compare online brokers on a lot of different criteria some of these areas cover lowest trading fees, best charting software, highest security and best support. You choose which of these criteria are most important for you. We compare CFD & Stock brokers and show you which online broker that best suits your needs.

If your trading strategy focuses on stock trading, then lowest stock trading fees might be the most important criterion for you. On top of this a high deposit guarantee and great support opportunities might also be important for you. Therefor if you choose these criteria we will show you the best results for you based on this in order for you to get the best personalized comparion of online brokers.

CFD & Stock trading fees:

Fees on trading stocks & CFD’s can vary a lot from broker to broker. That is why this will always be a very important criterion when you choose your online broker. Make sure to choose a broker that has very low fees on the stockmarkets that you trade the most or very low spreads on the CFD’s you trade the most. If you trade USA stockmarkets the most then choose a online broker with very low trading fees on these specific markets. If you trade European stockmarkets then choose a online broker with very low fees on these specific markets. Not all brokers has low fees on all markets. Some online brokers are great for trading Forex, others for trading indicies CFD’s and others for trading USA stockmarkets.

Support opportunities:

If you are an active trader it is also important to choose a online broker with great support opportunities. You want to be able to contact your broker easily when you trade, if you lose connection, if your computer breaks down or anything else that could put your capital at extra risk. You do not want to be stuck in a position when your trading platform shuts down no matter the reason. So make sure that your online broker can be contacted through phone or chat easily. Email is not preferable if you need support quickly or needs to close positions offline.

Account fees & Regulations:

Other things you need to keep an eye on when you choose online broker is other fees that may apply to your account. These fees could be overnight fees if you trade CFD’s or inactivity fees if you trade either stocks or CFD’s. If you are not an active trader, and invest more passively then make sure that you choose a broker with low or preferably no inactivity fees.

If you usually have not invested capital in your account you also need to keep an eye on the deposit guarantee offered by the broker. If your broker should go bankrupt you dont want to lose all your capital, you want to make sure that as much capital as possible is under the deposit guarantee.

Regulations is also important. Is your online broker regulated by the FCA or SEC or something else. Regulations are there to keep you as a client secured. With all these online brokers out there, you should not have to choose a broker that are not regulated anywhere. Thats is not a risk you should have to take as a trader.

Charting software & Analysis tools:

Do you use a lot of technical trading indicators? Then you might need to keep an eye on which indicators are most important to you and which brokers provides this. A lot of brokers has great charting software, but not all. So keep an eye on this. You can find this in the ”more info” tab in our result page.

But you should also know that charting software can be found in other ways then just your chosen online broker. Sometimes you can find better charting software if you choose to use a separat page.

This was just some of the areas we compare online brokers. We hope it gave you a few good points on how to choose your preferred broker online.

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