Stock Trading Fees


What is Stock trading fees?

Stock trading fees is the price you pay each time you trade a stock. There can be very big price differences between stock brokers. Remember to compare stock brokers before you choose. Stock trading fees is the price you pay your stock broker to take a trade.

How is the stock trading fee calculated?

Fees can be calculated in many different ways. Some stock brokers offer a fixed price as for example 5 USD pr. trade no matter the size of the trade. Other brokers offer a fee based on a percentage like 0.1% of the size of the trade. Some brokers also have a minimum fee you have to pay and other brokers have a variation. If you have any doubts you are always welcome to contact us.

When should I pay stock trading fees?

Every time you take a trade you pay a fee to your stock broker. This means that you pay when you buy a stock but also when you choose to sell the position again.

Where can I find the lowest stock trading fees?

This is a difficult question to answer but you can always find a list of the best stock brokers and compare the trading fees they offer on our comparison page. Here you can get an overview of the cheapest and best offers from stock brokers.

Is the stock trading fees always the same no matter which market I trade?

The trading fees can vary depending on which market you trade. If you are trading both stocks from USA and stocks from Germany then always remember to check what trading fees your broker offer on the different markets. You can always use different brokers who offer low trading fees on different markets. This would also help you get a higher deposit guarantee if you trade bigger accounts and help you save money on each trade. You can also choose one broker who offer low fees on a variation of markets in order to keep your account with one broker if that is what you prefer.