About US

Our mission is to create transparency in, for many, a not so transparent market. By collecting data, making tests and personalized comparisons of the worlds biggest, best and most used trading platforms/brokers. We will do our absolute best for everyone to make it easy and transparent to choose the best broker for your own personalized needs. Not every trader/investor is the same and therefore not everyone is best served with the same broker.

We do not give our own opinions on the different trading platforms/brokers. We compare every broker on the same criteria. You choose which of these criteria is the most important for you and what needs you have. We compare all the chosen platforms/brokers based on your chosen criteria.

Brokers/trading platforms can’t pay for a higher placement in the results. The results-page is ENTIRELY based on your chosen criteria. You can therefore always be sure that the highest placed results is those which fits your needs the best, and not those which pays the most.

We see a need for this transparency in this marketplace because fees and spreads may vary with more than 500% and sometimes over 1000% on different platforms/brokers. The deposit security is also an area that may vary a lot. Some brokers have up to $500.000 in deposit guarantee, where others have $0. This is just some of the criteria our comparison-platform bases its results on. We are always ready to help you get the most out of our platform in the chat-support, so do not hesitate to ask if you need any help.