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We compare the world’s best CFD and Stockbrokers for you. Our comparison is based on a lot of different criteria. You choose these criteria, and we compare the brokers for you. Fees, security, software and support are some of the main criteria that you can base your personalized results on.
Fees can vary very much. When you trade, it is very important to keep an eye on the fees. Every time you save money on fees, it goes back in to your pocket. The easiest way to get a higher return on your investments every year, is to pay less in fees and brokers commissions.
Security is based on the support features that the broker gives you as customer, and the deposit guarantee they offer. Some brokers offers up to 500.000 USD in deposit guarantee and others 0 USD. That is a huge different, that in the end could be very important for you. When you trade, it is also important to know how to get in contact with your broker. So support languages and support opportunities like Telephone, Trade desk and Live chat is also a criteria you can choose.
Some traders have some indicators and drawing tools they use a lot in their trading analysis. So if this is an important criteria for your broker, then we give you the opportunity to choose these before you get your results.
We give a comparison service. We do not have anything to do with your trading account and we do not promote trading or investing. Trading is at your own risk. Browkers.com gets referral commission from some of the brokers on our page. We will help you in our support to choose the best suitable broker for you.
You can contact us on our email or in the Live Chat. We will try to help you the best we can. If you have questions or inquiries, then do not hesitate to contact us.
When you trade on the CFD brokers we compare, you pay fees and trading commission in the spread. If you want the CFD broker with the lowest fees, you need to have an eye on the lowest spreads on the instruments you trade the most. The spread is measured in the difference between a buyer and a seller, this is also known as the bid and ask. The difference between the buyer and seller is called the spread, and this is what you pay in order to take a trade.
The different brokers can have different fees. They all have some fees when you trade, these can be actual fees or fees measured in spread. But some brokers may have overnight fees, if you hold positions during the night. Others may have inactivity fees. So keep an eye on this, if you do not trade that often, or you hold positions during the night as well.

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